Employment Opportunities

We want to talk to you.

Multi-Specialty HealthCare is looking for talented, motivated people to help us maintain our position as a front-runner in the healthcare industry.

Please submit your resume to our Human Resources Department for employment consideration at: Phone: (410) 933-1894 Fax: (410) 238-7451 Email: careers@multi-specialty.com Address: Multi-Specialty HealthCare 3 Nashua Court, Suite H Baltimore, MD 21221

 Please contact us for an update of openings/opportunities in the following positions:

  • Physician
  • Chiropractor
  • Physician's Assistant
  • Medical/Chiropractic Assistant
  • CRNA
  • Nurse
  • X-Ray Technician
  • Medical Office Manager
  • Billing/Collection
  • Front Desk
  • Professional Coder


Employee Testimonials

  • My journey began 20 years ago with a statement from Dr. Thorne upon meeting me for the first time. “Sherry I want you to think of this company as your company.” I took that to heart. That one statement made me feel like I was truly a part of something exciting – that my contributions then and in the future would make a difference, and that Drs. Thorne, Yalich, Misoul and Rubin had the confidence in me to move their company forward. Gentlemen, that one statement has been my motivation for 20 years. My only agenda was to stand by you for the long haul and together we would make OUR Company the most successful in the state of Maryland.

    My loyalty and dedication was based solely on my belief in your company’s direction and purpose.

    Each of you offered me opportunities to excel and share your company’s philosophy through training, mentoring and inspiring the up and coming talent within your company. All of those individuals are here tonight.

    Each of you have taken the core fundamentals the company started with and have done everything right in embracing change so Multi-Specialty HealthCare remains competitive for years to come.

    As my journey ends, I want to return the keys to your business that you so graciously entrusted me with for 20 years. Joel, your key opens the door to the next 20 years. My sincere best wishes Joel. Drs. Thorne, Yalich, Misoul and Rubin, it has been such a privilege.

    To be an effective District Manager/Manager you need a support team. I had all that and more in Tina Williams (Support Leader) and my dream team – My Essex Staff…Thank you.

    Sherry Cavatini, District Manager, from her retirement speech
  • The Joy of Working for a Family-Oriented Company

    "Hello, my name is Tammy Irvine and I first worked for Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC) in 1993. I just completed a medical office specialty course and MSHC gave me my first job as a medical transcripitionist. Even back in those days I loved working for MSHC. I worked for them until 2003. At that time, transcription was out-sourced but I still did subcontracting for them for another year.

    In 2004, I found another job with a radiology company, which was okay until it was taken over by a bigger company in California.  At that time, employees began to feel useless and were treated as a number, rather than a person.  Our jobs were constantly in jeopardy.  One moment we would be working hard for the company and the next we would receive an E-mail laying off departments at a time. 

    I was laid off from that company in May, 2011. I kept in touch with an employee here, Gail, and thankfully in February, 2012, she told me about a position that I may be interested in, it was a Q.A. position. My interview was just like coming home again. Thankfully, I was hired and came back to find that most of the doctors, management and some of the staff were still here. I felt welcomed the very first day and found that the employees are really valued here and most amazing in this day and time, you are allowed to share in the growth of the company.

    I feel really blessed to be able to come back to such a welcoming and caring company."

    Tammy Irvine
  • "Working as Chiropractors at Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC) has been very rewarding. We have been with the company since 1995, when we first became licensed DC's. We left MSHC in 1999 to move out of state and start our own Chiropractic Clinic. After about 3 years, we closed our doors in Pennsylvania and returned to Maryland and to MSHC. We love working here at MSHC where we are treated like family. We learned that the grass is not always greener owning your own business. We plan on working here at MSHC for many more years to come."

    Drs. Brian & Tamara Keen, Chiropractors
  • "In 2003 I entered the chiropractic assistant program through Multi-Specialty Healthcare (MSHC). I became a certified chiropractic assistant and was very fortunate to work for a company that demonstrated they cared for their employees. They provided me with excellent benefits, a friendly work environment, and treated me like family. After working for MSHC for a few years I relocated out of state for personal reasons. Upon recently returning to Maryland, I contacted the company to inquire about job openings and possibly being rehired. I am proud to say I am once again an employee of Multi-Specialty HealthCare and was welcomed back with open arms. I look forward to continuing my career and a bright future with this wonderful company."

    Christine Hemberger, CCA