Midlevel Health Jobs Shrink

Due to a variety of factors ranging from technological advances to costs of operation and patient outcome, the health care sector is beginning to lose job security and requiring higher education. This rapidly occurring paradigm shift is creating a larger gap and higher work demand for upper management and lower skilled workers-- taking away work opportunities for those who have intermediate skill and experience levels.

The way this shift works is that practical nurses and clerks are being pushed away from hospitals and into “lower job locations” like nursing homes. Consequently, requirements for what would be considered an entry-level job, like registered nursing, are being raised to require a higher education.

The reason this is becoming more and more alarming is that the health care industry was one of last bastions of entry-level and “middle-of-the-road jobs.” Another factor that comes into play is that many jobs are being lost to automations and outsourcing, which cuts down even further the supply of jobs for those with minimal skills and experience.

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