Rehabilitation Exercise Videos

In addition to your expert treatment with our specialists at Multi-Specialty HealthCare, we provide you with extensive home exercises. In this series of easy-to-follow, detailed videos, Dr. Sam Santoriello shows you how to take optimum care of your neck, shoulders, hands/wrist, back, knees and feet/ankles.

Chiropractor Dr. Santoriello has provided treatment for more than 100,000 patient visits throughout his 20 years of practice.

The information contained in the rehabilitation exercise videos is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider before beginning any exercise program, or with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.


Neck Exercises

Neck/Cervical Support and Motion

Neck and Support Exercises
Neck Support and Motion



Shoulder Exercises 

Shoulder Roll Stretches

Shoulder Seated Roll
Overall Seated Roll
Overhead Shoulder Ball Roll
Overhead Ball Roll

Shoulder Band

Shoulder Band
External and Internal Rotation
Shoulder Band Forward Raise
Forward Raise
Shoulder Band
Lateral Raise

Wall Crawl

Shoulder Wall Crawl
Wall Crawl


Back Exercises 

Lumbar Stretches

All Four Lumbar Stretch
All Four Stretch
Leg Extension Lumbar Stretches
All Four Leg Extension Stretch

Lumbar Ball

Seated Ball
Lumbar Ball 6b
Prone Position Ball Exercises
Lumbar ball 6c
Seated Trunk Rotation
Lumbar Ball 6d
Advanced Ball Roll and Walk Out into a Plank
Lumbar Ball 6e
Seated Pelvic Trunk Stretches


Hamstring & Piriformis Exercises

Hamstring and Piriformis (Supine Pelvic Tilt, Hamstring Stretch, Piriformis Stretch, Piriformis Standing Stretch)


Knee Exercises

Range-of-Motion Ball Exercises

Range of Motion Ball
Knee Active Range-of-Motion Ball (Circle Motion, Ball Roll Seated Squat)


Foot/Ankle Exercises

Heel to Toe Stretch
Heel to Toe Stretch
Non-Weight Bearing Ball Roll
Non-Weight Bearing Ball Roll
Towel Scrunch
Towel Scrunch


Hand/Wrist Exercises

Hand/Wrist Theraball
Hand and Wrist Theraball Exercises
Hand/Wrist Theraball 2
Hand and Wrist Theraball Exercises 2