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Multi-Specialty HealthCare Participates in Veterans Job Initiative

Healthcare Provider in the Baltimore-Washington D.C Area Spearheads Job Training and Placement

Maryland Chiropractic Assistants Training Seminars(Baltimore, MD, May 2012) – Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC) has joined efforts to promote the Veterans Opportunity to Work Act (VOW Act) to raise awareness among other mid-sized regional employers about veteran jobs, together with instituting its own Chiropractic Assistant education program geared toward veterans. The VOW Act addresses veteran unemployment by providing tax incentives to employers who hire veterans, together with transition programs for soldiers when they return from duty.

Middle market companies greatly contribute to job creation and the overall economy. Accounting for one third of the nation’s GDP with 41 million jobs and 34 percent of total private employment, mid-sized regional businesses, such as MSHC, have the capability to make a big impact on the unemployment rate of veterans.

To date, there are nearly one million unemployed veterans in the United States. To address the need to employ veterans, MSHC is striving to build mid-sized employers' awareness of the VOW Act and the benefits of hiring veterans.

“These men and women have made the tremendous sacrifice to defend our country; the least we can do is support our veterans when they return home by assisting them in finding a job. During these tough economic times, mid-sized companies are truly the engine of growth and source of jobs for these veterans,” comments Dr. Charles Thorne, MSHC Co-Managing Partner.

Employers often do not realize the many benefits of hiring veterans, beyond the employer tax break and other government support. Studies show that these men and women consistently embody the characteristics of a strong work ethic, discipline, and respect for authority. They have the ability to work as a team or act as leaders. Also, service men and women receive an extensive background and security check, ensuring a level of trustworthiness for the employer. Additionally, veterans receive specialty training while serving.

As part of MSHC’s veteran job focus, Dr. Keith Scott of MSHC will be recruiting and instructing veterans for a Maryland Chiropractic Assistant Training Session. The course fulfills the academic requirements as set forth by the Maryland State Board of Chiropractic Examiners for licensure as a Registered Chiropractic Assistant. MSHC will institute priority hiring and placement for the veteran graduates of the program. In addition, MSHC will offer post-course job counseling to help place veterans in jobs. MSHC is also working on further initiatives to support veterans through its practice.

MSHC Co-Managing Partner, Dr. Lawrence Yalich adds, “The middle market plays a huge role in the recovery of employment and economy. Having mid-sized businesses make a conscious effort to incorporate their own veteran initiatives will assist in this growing problem.”

For more information on hiring veterans and MSHC’s current efforts, please visit www.multi-specialty.com/veteransinitiative.

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