9 Easy Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain This Summer

Although there is temptation to stop exercising, especially in the summer heat, it is proven to be one of the best ways to reduce knee pain. Below are nine activities to incorporate into your summer plans.

1.) Walking: This is a very simple activity that can be done in a variety of locations (mall, track, neighborhood) and can easily fit into your daily schedule. If you choose to walk outside, make sure it is at a time that will beat the summer’s heat. You may walk with someone whose company you enjoy or bring music to listen to.

2.) Swimming: Swimming is a great low-impact activity which is especially beneficial to people who suffer from osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal issues or joint disease.

3.) Yoga: Whether it be the relaxing breathing or the ranges of motion involved in the stretching, yoga is a helpful component to easing chronic pain.

4.) Tai Chi: This form of martial arts that originated in China incorporates the mind and body to reduce pain/stiffness, while simultaneously building endurance and balance.

5.) Pilates: Pilates has been found to help with core strength building and may improve pain more than relaxation/stretching techniques; however, instruction is usually needed.

6.) Simple Stretching: Getting all of your body parts moving and working against gravity, even a little bit, can be very beneficial especially for those people who sit for extended periods of time.

7.) Light Weight Training: Light weight training strengthens the joints around the injury relieving some stress.

8.) Golfing: This activity will give you some of the same benefits of walking, but beware of the stress to your lower back.

9.) Aerobic Activity (treadmill or stationary bike): Besides helping your heart, aerobic activity activates your endogenous opioid mechanisms to reduce pain and is especially beneficial to people with fibromyalgia.

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