Another Great Verdict

Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC) is pleased to announce another great verdict against State Farm in Anne Arundel County by Ron Jarashow, our Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ) brother.

A four-day auto negligence trial went before Judge Goetzke in which State Farm would not stipulate to anything. It was a rear end crash, and defense contended it was a short stop (but on 4th trial day, conceded liability). State Farm fought the medicals causation and reasonableness of amount, and argued that the injuries were, in fact, pre-existing condition. The Plaintiff’s injuries were an injury to jaw (TMJ) and a soft tissue neck injury.  Ron’s experts were Dr. Jon Dunn from MSHC and Stephen Gamerman, DDS (for TMJ). The Defense’s physicians were Dr. Halikman and Dr. Domenic Coletti (oral surgeon).

Jury ruled in favor of the Plaintiff with a verdict for $130,000 in compensation. They awarded all specials of $29,638, which included all 17 weeks of lost wages for $5,300, and $95,000 for non-economic.

Once again, Ron proved that justice prevails over the perceived prejudice of the Anne Arundel County jury. It was also another example of great teamwork between MAJ, MSHC and Dr. Gamerman. We cannot stress enough the significance of having your treating medical providers go to bat for you in trial. Preparation is the key, and Ron did a wonderful job for his clients. 

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