What to Do When You’re in a Car Accident

Crash! Boom! Bang! The unexpected has happened. You’ve had an accident. It can happen to even the most careful driver. Whether it is a minor fender bender or something slightly more devastating (oh no, the car is totaled!), the following key tips will help you navigate those stressful post-crash moments. Keep Calm and DON’T Carry On Don’t panic and stay put. Assess the situation. If you or anyone is seriously injured, call 911 for an ambulance immediately. Turn on your hazard lights. If your car still runs and you’re blocking traffic, move to the side of the road for your safety. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, the skilled team of healthcare professionals at Multi-Specialty HealthCare can help. Call us today at 1-888-334-4199. Call the Cops The police may or may not come, but you should file a report as soon as you can. You want your side of the story on record (even if you think it is your fault). Ignore the other driver if they suggest “settling things without the cops.” It is important to protect your interests after an accident. A police report will help you avoid a “he said/she said” situation. Record the Details […]

Golf Conditioning with Noted Expert Keith Scott, D.C.

Do you often wonder if, and how, you could measurably improve your golf game? If you take a page from the pros, and from Keith Scott, D.C., CCSP, CCST of Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC), you’ll surely make strides in your game, in both performance and injury prevention. In June 2013, Dr. Scott, celebrated 25 years since his graduation from chiropractic college. It has been a busy and productive quarter century, all spent working at MSHC, and including Dr. Scott’s developing into one of the foremost chiropractic experts in the sport of golf. An avid golfer, Dr. Scott began working with professional golfers in 1993. Hearing that PGA Tour player Tim Simpson had flown home to Georgia from a tournament to have his back adjusted by his chiropractor, Dr. Scott had a note inserted into Mr. Simpson’s locker at the Kemper Open, offering continuation of that treatment with his services at the tournament in Potomac, MD. That eventually led to him providing services to the PGA players at that tournament on an annual basis, as well as an august position as the on-site chiropractor for the U.S. Open, in 1997 and U.S. Senior Open, in 1996. Dr. Scott was eventually retained as […]

Running a Half Marathon After Injury

“Hey Rich you want to do a half marathon with me?” I heard those words as I was upstairs sitting comfortably at my desk working on my computer. “Sure,” I said almost haphazardly. I mean I was in pretty decent shape, so I thought, playing tennis three days a week and working out two days. It shouldn’t be a problem. So that’s how I got myself involved with the adventure of training for a half marathon, while at the same time working full time, playing tennis three times a week, working out with weights twice a week, taking care of my six year old daughter, and trying to pay enough attention to my wife so she didn’t divorce me. One of the many things that my wife and I joke about is an imaginary anatomical chart that gets filled in any time I have suffered an injury, and there have been many, during my athletic endeavors. I have had back, leg, calf, and shoulder injuries just to name a few. As my training progressed, many body parts were to be added to the proverbial chart. When I first began my training it was the beginning of Feb., and it was […]

Summer Water Exercise for Health & Fitness from Multi-Specialty HealthCare

At Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC), aquatic therapy is used to treat many medical issues with the goal to get the injured worker or patient back to his or her normal routine as quickly and safely as possible. Aquatic therapy is an effortless way for people to work out, with less pain, in a smoother, less jarring environment. The program is ideal for post-surgical rehabilitation, acute, or chronic injuries as well as obese patients. Therapy in Multi-Specialty HealthCare’s heated pool enhances the following therapeutic benefits: increases mobility, strength, & conditioning, aids in decreasing muscle tightness and reducing joint swelling, improves coordination, balance and posture alignment. Water therapy is usually an easier way to begin an exercise program than doing work outs on land. That’s because of the buoyancy and lack of jarring to bones and joints when doing exercise in water. While MSHC features an aquatic program in which you are guided by experts, you can also give water workouts a try on your own, especially in this summer season when pools are much more available for your use. Below are a few tips and exercises you can try on your own to get a feel for the possibilities of water work […]

May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month

At Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC), in addition to treating our patients, our focus is on educating our patients and the community on healthy lifestyle. May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become thin and weak, making them more susceptible to fractures, especially as people age. It is estimated that approximately half of all women older than 50 years of age, and as many as one in four men, will suffer broken bones due to osteoporosis. The rate of bone loss varies among individuals and is likely influenced by both genetic factors and lifestyle choices. According to the most recent statistics by the National Osteoporosis Foundation released in April, approximately 9 million Americans already have osteoporosis, and additional 48 million have osteopenia, or low bone mass. By 2025, experts predict that osteoporosis will be responsible for approximately 3 million bone fractures and $25.3 billion in health care costs annually. At MSHC, we treat a lot of people who have suffered from broken bones, so it is vital we provide recommendations for you to avoid the many pitfalls of broken bones through osteoporosis. There is a lot you can do in several lifestyle areas to promote bone health. […]

The Masters Tournament Showcases the Risks and Need for Injury Prevention Care

You had only to watch highlights of The Masters golf tournament this past weekend to see the enormous physical force that the top players use to drive the ball from the tee. And for good reason; it’s one of the highest-profile and most competitive events in sports. The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia has been going on for over seven decades and it is considered to be the premier golf tournament in the United States.  Like many of our patients at Multi-Specialty HealthCare over the years, watching those players display of power reveal why many of these top golfers have had their share of injuries which have kept them out of the game. In fact, we have had the privilege to get pro-golfer Larry Ringer over his injuries and back into his game. The game of golf has changed over the years, and those changes have represented physical challenges that put your body at a higher risk of injury. Gone are the early days of the game, when the swing of the club was a harmonious effort of hip-and-shoulder movement. The modern golf swing involves maximum shoulder torque, very little hip movement, and a powerful […]

Easy and Effective Rehabilitation with Dr. Sam Santoriello

As a practicing chiropractic physician at Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC), Dr. Sam Santoriello has seen over 100,000 patient visits in the past 20 years. He also teaches continuing education classes in the field of exercise. That’s a lot of ‘hands on’ experience in his field, particularly in his passion: understanding and communicating to patients how the body works to rehabilitate itself. Dr. Santoriello makes use of his wide experience, including instruction at the Life Chiropractic College, a major institution in his field from which he also graduated, in a variety of capacities. His ability to clearly communicate and his enthusiasm lend to the tremendous popularity and success of his rehabilitation program. Chiropractic care is highly effective in safely increasing movement and mobility and alleviating pain.  Dr. Santoriello’s comprehensive basic rehabilitative exercise program combines strength training, flexibility and postural exercises to maximize healing and empower patients to contribute to their own health. This increases the chances they remain injury-free. The comprehensive benefits of Dr. Santoriello’s basic rehabilitation program mean that patients have a non-surgical, medication-free approach to healing. What’s more, with the easy and accurate video demonstration online, these exercises can be performed anywhere, from the gym to the comfort of one’s home. […]

Eat Right to Rehab Right

Dr. Sam Santoriello has given an excellent video instruction of very effective and easy comprehensive rehabilitation exercises that he prescribes to his patients at Multi-Specialty HealthCare. However, while we are considering the role of rehabilitation, we also want to point out the important role of all lifestyle adaptations and their effect on your health. Nutrition is one of them. Nutrition can both help or hinder your recovery efforts, because of the effect of nutrients on your muscles, joints and general health and well being. You want to maintain a good diet during your rehabilitation for the most effective overall healing, and diet has a big impact on that healing. A balance of good (complex) carbohydrates and protein are helpful for, respectively, muscle energy and muscle healing/building. Several vitamins and minerals directly affect your healing. Vitamin C for example aids your body in the formation of collagen, which is a protein that repairs tendons and ligaments and strengthens bone. It is also needed for strength and flexibility. Vitamin A promotes cell and bone growth and development. Both Vitamins C and A assist with immune function. Zinc is involved in wound healing. And these are just a few examples. Iron can be […]

Get Out and Garden Safely!

At Multi-Specialty HealthCare we recommend gardening to get some exercise, sun and fresh air! Like any other exercise routine or strenuous activity, however, it’s important to make sure you use the proper techniques to avoid serious injury to your back, shoulders, knees and other joints. Repetitive motions associated with gardening for hours can cause overuse strain or injury, and heavy lifting can wreak havoc on your back if not done properly. Believe it or not, there are a few important things to keep in mind to help you avoid injury while gardening: Warming up and stretching before digging in for a day of gardening is highly recommended. Stretching your back can help loosen the muscles that help support your spine so they work more efficiently, putting less stress on your vertebrae. Walking in place or taking a short walk around your neighborhood is also a great way to loosen up your muscles. Investing in kneepads not only helps prevent knee injury or soreness, it can help your back. Resting gingerly on your knees to avoid pain or soreness puts undue stress on your back whether you realize it or not. By wearing kneepads, you can effectively lean on your knees […]