Dr. Jonathan Dunn Discusses Horseback Riding Safety for Children for Baltimore’s Child

Dr. Jonathan Dunn of Multi-Specialty HealthCare was recently quoted in an article on horseback riding posted by Baltimore’s Child, a publishing that lists and talks about fun activities for children in the Baltimore area.

The article discusses what it’s like for children just beginning to ride as well as the concerns parents may have with regards to injury while riding. Readers spend the day with a trainer at an equestrian facility in Laurel, MD who walks them through their process of how children learn to ride for the first time, starting with basic grooming techniques and bonding with the horse, to choosing a horse with the right size and temperament for each individual child. While there is a risk of injury (as there is with any sport), with the right safety equipment and knowledge passed down from an experienced, reputable trainer, the risk is minimized.

Dr. Dunn, a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, weighed in on the preventative measures taken by the equestrian industry and how finding the right trainer for your child to learn from is key to injury prevention. He commented that due to the increased use of helmets—now the industry standard— the incidents of brain and skull-related trauma in children have dropped over the years. He also emphasized that parents should take time and care in choosing a trainer with the right credentials.

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