Easy and Effective Rehabilitation with Dr. Sam Santoriello

As a practicing chiropractic physician at Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC), Dr. Sam Santoriello has seen over 100,000 patient visits in the past 20 years. He also teaches continuing education classes in the field of exercise. That’s a lot of ‘hands on’ experience in his field, particularly in his passion: understanding and communicating to patients how the body works to rehabilitate itself.

Dr. Santoriello makes use of his wide experience, including instruction at the Life Chiropractic College, a major institution in his field from which he also graduated, in a variety of capacities. His ability to clearly communicate and his enthusiasm lend to the tremendous popularity and success of his rehabilitation program.

Chiropractic care is highly effective in safely increasing movement and mobility and alleviating pain.  Dr. Santoriello’s comprehensive basic rehabilitative exercise program combines strength training, flexibility and postural exercises to maximize healing and empower patients to contribute to their own health. This increases the chances they remain injury-free.

The comprehensive benefits of Dr. Santoriello’s basic rehabilitation program mean that patients have a non-surgical, medication-free approach to healing. What’s more, with the easy and accurate video demonstration online, these exercises can be performed anywhere, from the gym to the comfort of one’s home. The ability to institute this exercise program is limited only by the discipline and physical ability of the patient. In other words, the exercises are easily accommodated to every level.

What is the ultimate purpose of these exercises?

  • Increased blood flow to injured tissues to quicken the onset of the healing process
  • Restoring full range of motion, full strength, and full endurance to affected muscle groups. This is the basic pathway that returns a patient to pre-injury status, i.e. functional capacity.
  • Helping repair adhesions of muscle fiber that accrue from injury, and contribute to pain and/or limited function and mobility.
  • Pain reduction through the release of endorphins and other neural active processes.

Easy to Learn; Simple to Do

These exercises promote non-traumatic healing. Exercises done with therabands develop strength through resistance. Exercises on the ball benefit balance, proprioception* and coordination. They also strengthen core muscles as well as the specific, focus muscle groups.

(*Sensing movement; knowing how our bodies are positioned without having to look)

Low Cost; Highly Effective

Therabands and exercise balls, used with ease, comfort and portability, create highly effective results, and at very low cost. They are proven to transform damaged tissue, resulting in a more comfortable lifestyle with resumption of daily activity.

Master the technique before you can proceed.

When undertaking these exercises, the best advice is to utilize the videos to focus on a particular area or body part—perfecting the technique until you are comfortable have it memorized. When you feel mastery with a particular area (set of exercises), or as per your needs, explore another series or set of specific exercises. You will find them all useful in parts, and in total.

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