Know Your Rights: Help After an Accident – Why You Need an Attorney

Personal injury attorneys get a bad rap. Labeled “ambulance chasers,” they are often portrayed as shysters out to use your accident for their personal financial gain. But if you’ve been in an accident, a personal injury lawyer can be your best advocate. Here are a few reasons why you need an attorney to help you after an accident.

Understanding the Law

What’s the statute of limitations on filing an accident claim? Am I entitled to damages? How do I file a law suit? The complexities of the legal system can be overwhelming. And laws differ from state to state. An attorney’s main purpose is to protect your rights and assist you in procuring the best outcome. A personal injury lawyer will help you navigate the nuances of the legal system after an accident.

Avoid the Insurance Company Run Around

Newsflash: Your agenda and your insurance company’s agenda may not be perfectly aligned. Sure, your insurance company will compensate you for damages. However, it also wants to keep its costs down and reduce its overhead. Insurance companies profit by undercompensating injured persons. Your insurance representative may try to avoid long litigation by pushing you into a settlement. An attorney can help you understand the insurance jargon and process, as well as assess your settlement options.

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Consultations Are Often Cost Free

Most personal injury attorneys do not charge anything for a preliminary consultation. The majority work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they take a percentage of the final settlement amount. In addition to the contingency fee, you could be liable for court fees and related expenses. Be sure to inquire about all fees and expenses prior to hiring a personal injury attorney. Should you require additional information please call 1-888-334-4199.

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