MSHC Serves Families in Need in Montgomery County With Nourish Now and So What Else

On Thursday, October 17th, Multi-Specialty HealthCare teamed up with Nourish Now, a Montgomery County non-profit dedicated to serving donated food to those who need it most, and So What Else, a diverse non-profit in the D.C. metro area dedicated to serving at-risk youth. Together, they provided a healthy meal for over 150 people in the Montgomery area in honor of the Maryland Legal Community.

Families in need from all over Montgomery County joined together at the White Oak Community Center to enjoy a nutritious, 3-course meal. For many of the attendees, it was their first time dining out. Children, especially, were able to benefit from the experience as it allowed them to learn important socialization skills in a comfortable and safe environment.

Though Multi-Specialty is known for providing medical care for personal injuries (e.g. car accidents and injuries on the job), it is also an active part of the community and assists those in need wherever possible. Multi-Specialty is proud to extend this tradition of community service through its partnership with Nourish Now.

Helping those less fortunate was the goal of the dinner for Multi-Specialty HealthCare, as well as the entire Nourish Now program and most notably its founder, Brett Meyers. Meyers was given the title of “National Hometown Hunger Hero,” from Beaulieu Vineyard® (BV), for his work to end hunger, and received a grant of $10,000 from BV, presented by actor and passionate hunger relief supporter, Chris Noth.

Multi-Specialty HealthCare is honored to partner with Brett and the entire Nourish Now foundation, and is excited to help to end hunger in Montgomery County. The hope is that enough fresh food will continually be donated, so that these dinners can happen on a regular basis. If others take note, the mission to end hunger can extend beyond Montgomery county and Maryland, providing relief for struggling individuals all over the world.

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