Rehabilitation Doesn’t End When You Leave the Doctor’s Office

To get the most out of your rehabilitation, it is critical to remember that your treatment extends beyond the office. This means that you should be working on your exercises frequently, even when you’re home. Carefully following your program on a regular basis, even out of the office, is essential in restoring your health. Treatment regimens provided by your physician are specifically designed with your needs and injuries in mind, and will aid in providing the quickest and strongest recovery possible.

Multi-Specialty HealthCare has provided rehabilitation videos on our website, so that you can follow along at home to speed up your recovery. These recommended exercises will help you to:

  • Increase blood flow to injured tissues, expediting the healing process
  • Restore full range of motion, strength and endurance to the affected muscles
  • Repair adhesions of muscle fiber, which when damaged contribute to pain, limited function and mobility Reduce pain

Of course, we provide extensive rehabilitation in our offices, as well. To achieve the best results, our doctors will work with each patient to safely increase movement and mobility while alleviating pain by combining strength training, flexibility and postural exercises. Each of these components work together to maximize healing and health, and increase your chances of staying injury-free.

Part of our job is to help you get back to yours. Call us at any time with questions at 1-888-334-4199.

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