San Francisco 49ers have Super Bowl Edge — in Stretching At Least

While we show our ‘Ravens Pride’ for next week’s Super Bowl, Multi-Specialty HealthCare would be remiss not to report on a program we highly endorse—but one done by Ravens opponent, the San Francisco 49ers. It turns out they are proponents of an organized and methodical stretching component as part of their training program. At Multi-Specialty HealthCare, we know the value of flexibility for all of our patients, from sports enthusiasts and athletes, to those looking to return to basic functionality.

As a Wall Street Journal article (1/16/13) on the topic points out, stretching, research shows, can dramatically reduce the risk of injury, and nothing about the 49ers is more remarkable than their bill of health. Since coach Jim Harbaugh took over the team two years ago, Niners players have missed 159 games due to injury. (A missed game is one player missing one game.) According to Stats LLC, the three other teams that were in the playoffs before the field was reduced to two had dramatically higher injury rates. Over the past two years, the Atlanta Falcons have missed 29% more games and the Baltimore Ravens 94% more than the 49ers. The New England Patriots’ number is 440, an injury rate 176% higher than the 49ers.

Several 49ers interviewed claimed that the reason for their relative “bill of health,” is, in fact, due to their stretching program. And while it is more the norm among power athletes—such as football players—to brag about strength, power, speed etc., a careful, coordinated program of flexibility is equally important for balance.

After all, those injury statistics don’t lie. And on that note—may the best team win. Go Ravens!!

“Why the 49ers Love to Stretch” – WSJ

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