Chiropractic care concentrates on spinal health and joint motion, acknowledging the spine as the body’s main infrastructure affecting every living tissue.

Stress, overexertion, accidents and falls can upset spinal alignment, causing irritation and inflammation of spinal nerve roots and joints that can lead to physical malfunctions. Chiropractors address disease and injury by adjusting the spine, primarily through manual manipulation.

Chiropractic is completely noninvasive and used to treat a variety of nervous system and musculoskeletal disorders that includes headache, shoulder and neck pain, joint pain, lower back pain, herniation, TMJ and sports-related injury. The chiropractic professionals at Multi-Specialty HealthCare are experts in caring for people with spinal misalignment and promoting spinal health.


Spinal manipulation is a hands-on therapeutic treatment performed on the joints of the spinal column. This type of manipulation, often referred to as an “adjustment”, has been shown to provide temporary relief of musculoskeletal pain, increase passive range of motion, and shorten recovery from acute back sprains. Joint and spinal manipulation is commonly performed by chiropractors, osteopathic physicians and physical therapists.


Rehabilitative exercise is one of the cornerstones of treatment at Multi-Specialty Healthcare. Our goal is to return our patients to full function after injury. Medical research and practical experience have shown that simple, low tech rehabilitative exercise is highly effective in this regard. We utilize exercise balls to strengthen the core muscles, wobble boards for balance and proprioception, and resistance bands plus free weights for strengthening, not to mention cardiovascular machines. We choose exercises for their effectiveness, ease and simplicity of use. This increases compliance and translates naturally into a home exercise regimen, which gives the patient greater responsibility and participation in their recovery. Home exercises give the patient greater ownership of their care and prepares them both mentally and physically to resume normal life when their recovery is complete.


Electrical stimulation activates nerves in damaged tissue to help alleviate pain while fostering strength and stability. With the spinal cord, electrodes are implanted into the epidural space (directly outside the membrane that encloses the spine) to generate electrical charges to the painful area. This stimulation of the spinal cord can relieve pain caused by such conditions as failed back syndrome, causalgia and ischemia.


Ultrasound uses a special probe to generate sound waves that are transferred to a specific part of the body. The sound waves travel deep into tissue and create gentle heat that relieves pain.

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