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Front desk lady... Dr. And therapist were all very friendly..kind and helpful.. looking forward to visiting again for therapy.. Thanks
Alan 92
I always felt welcome,and the ladies always had a smile and any info I would need for my case. Great place to go if your hurt and need to get better.
Ronny B
A.B. Gilmore
The staff was pleasant , I was seen on time I was pleased with over all service . And I’m feeling better
Wonderful experience. Shelby is a muli-specialty asset to this practice. She goes above and beyond, extremely accommodating, knowledgeable, encouraging. She genuinely cares for the patients and they for her! Without her this would not be the practice that it is. She has a great personality and work ethic. She does way more then she should to assist the Drs. The chiropractor was very nice and caring. She educated patients, took time to explain. The orthopedic was friendly and listened to concerns. Explained things thoroughly. The nurse practitioner, is well there. She doesnt listen, focuses in on the wrong issues. She was going to put me through an incredibly painful test that was completely unnecessary. Thanks to the ortho for overseeing and stopping it. Shelby listened to my fears and concerns over it and practically made the ortho stop and review my case. I will forever be grateful for that. Definitely had fun times and plenty of laughs, especially when i swore the electrodes were melting in to my wasnt. It was just a heating pad that i didn't realize was there. I screamed, shelby came running, and then we laughed for weeks after! The staff really helped with keeping me moving. This was a work Injury and i was out for a while. They helped me not get too depressed from not working. Ive even seen them arrange taxis, ubers and other rides for patients. I am just very fortunate that I was referred there bc this could have been a very bad time in my life but it wasnt.
Megan Morgan
Very thorough and pleasant environment
Earl Generette
The therapist is so knowledgeable!! He answered my questions before I got a chance to ask him. He explained what exercise I was doing, why I was doing it, when to, and how. While in the waiting room, i noticed that everyone leaving made it their business to share their appreciation to him. He is so upbeat that when I left I took a little of it with me.
Glendell Miller
The entire team at the Dover has been amazingly courteous, caring, professional and friendly with every interaction I have had with the team. Miss Erin... Miss Marylin and Dr Rivera have always taken great care of me. I would recommend this amazing team to anyone who needs therapy or a great medical team to care for them.
Joseph Schubert
Good thus far, please check your fax for information for prudential insurance regarding disability claims .
Marlon Z
I had a wonderful experience and everyone working there was professional and understanding of what therapy works for your specific injury.
Lynn Horns
Contessa Taylor
The staff were very helpful. I really appreciate Dr Johnson, she was always checking on me and made sure I was doing the right exercise. They really followed social distancing and made sure the equipments and other materials were clean and sanitized.
Very clean gental and great information.🤔
A Warren
The staff is very professional and courteous! I felt I was in very good hands!! Would recommend anyone who needs care!!!
Laminda Mozon

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