The Masters Tournament Showcases the Risks and Need for Injury Prevention Care

You had only to watch highlights of The Masters golf tournament this past weekend to see the enormous physical force that the top players use to drive the ball from the tee. And for good reason; it’s one of the highest-profile and most competitive events in sports. The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia has been going on for over seven decades and it is considered to be the premier golf tournament in the United States.  Like many of our patients at Multi-Specialty HealthCare over the years, watching those players display of power reveal why many of these top golfers have had their share of injuries which have kept them out of the game. In fact, we have had the privilege to get pro-golfer Larry Ringer over his injuries and back into his game.

The game of golf has changed over the years, and those changes have represented physical challenges that put your body at a higher risk of injury.

Gone are the early days of the game, when the swing of the club was a harmonious effort of hip-and-shoulder movement. The modern golf swing involves maximum shoulder torque, very little hip movement, and a powerful swing that is surely aided by the new technology of the equipment (clubs) being used. While that swing has both helped (and likely hurt) the pros who can now hit the ball over 300 yard down the fairway, it can also result in lower back pain and related injuries. More than a few players have had chronic problems, or even surgery, all the way to the knees. Here are a couple of injury prevention tips to help golfers avoid those lower back and other injury problems.

  • Be in good shape. This means losing the extra weight you may carry and doing a minimal amount of muscle training to get your body prepared to undergo the strenuous conditions of swinging the club. If you’re not sure how to proceed with that proper training for your game, consider consulting an expert to get you going in the right direction.
  • Take lessons. For the best understanding of good posture and technique, which will help you avoid injuries, get the fundamentals down. Poor technique is a major cause of problems related to the extra stress on the spine and other joints.
  • Warm up before you play or practice. Make sure you’ve warmed up your muscles before asking them to strain to the max, as failure to do this can easily result in injury. If stretching isn’t your thing, one method used by seasoned golfers to warm up is to start out with shorter clubs and work your way up to longer ones. The shorter clubs force shorter swings, and cause less stress than the longer clubs.

The 2013 Masters was notable for its intense competition. It likely inspired you for your own game as well. Staying pain and injury free is the key to a successful day on the green.

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