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Whether at home, work or play, injuries happen. Some are minor, causing short-term pain or discomfort, while others may change one's life.

At Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC), we provide high-quality integrated healthcare to people suffering from neuro-musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions. Our extensive slate of office-based diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation services, provided by our team of compassionate and skilled professionals, are medically managed from evaluation through treatment to ensure you have the best achievable outcomes. We are a leader in care delivery for personal injury and worker's compensation cases, in particular, and have a proven track record of returning patients to their pre-injury level of activity as quickly as possible.

Multi-Specialty HealthCare has been locally owned and operated by four healthcare providers for over a quarter of a century. We have more than 25 patient care centers conveniently located throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region, each with a physician on site daily to meet your healthcare needs.



The staff and Drs. Wilson and Winston are so wonderful and all of them have the spirit of making you want to get well. Dr. Winston takes into account how my body feels instead of just saying, “Do it”. Dr. Wilson performs a therapy check each time I am here to see if anything has changed. This helps because I think it provides a better evaluation of what going on with you. Everyone makes you feel great and warm feeling and helps you get well faster. 

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Andre Hartgrove

There are days that I just can’t get going or get out of bed because of my pain. This pain can certainly make you very surly but once I get to this office Meredith and the staff make me feel very comfortable and at ease. They know how to bring your spirits up with their kindness.

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Sean Williams

I love coming to this location. Always happy when I have an appointment, always go straight back and the ladies have big smiles. 

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Monique Ward

It is truly a pleasure to receive care where the staff knows your name and who you care about. The staff is friendly, pleasant and efficient. Carol's leadership and care to the staff is reflected in the service to the patient. Thank you Multi-Specialty HealthCare! 

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